What is FiBAN Academy Online?

FiBAN Academy Online is an online educational course on angel investing. The courses were put together with over 20 experienced business angels and industry professionals, who share their best practices, experiences, knowledge, and personal tips to teach you the ways of angel investing. 

Our courses are designed for everyone - whether you are taking your first steps as an angel investor or looking to enhance your skills as a leader of a syndicate.

Two tracks to choose from

You can choose from our various online tracks that deepen your knowledge in angel investing through comprehensive training videos and interviews with field experts. All online tracks have been crafted together with experienced angel investors, board professionals, and FiBAN’s partner experts with over 100 years of combined experience.


  • Two tracks

    The first track is for those who are just starting angel investing. The second track is for more experienced business angels who want to learn about being lead angels.

  • Available everywhere

    The courses are in English and completely online, so they are available for anyone anywhere!

  • Watch on any device

    The courses are in the form of videos that are watchable on any device - PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.

Choose topics you want

You can choose any course you like, in the order you like. You will have access to each course for 365 days after purchase. The courses in the New Angel Track can be also suitable for experienced angels, as they include questions for the experts and you can get valuable tips and experiences from them. 

Why should I participate?

To gain knowledge and best practices of how to select the most prominent companies in your portfolio and turn these into successful exits by tracking their process and supporting growth. 

After completing the lead angel track, you will have improved the management skills that will help you to make an impact by learning tips on how to coordinate deals more effectively. All tracks consisting of real-experiences and discussions with angel investors, that can’t be learned from the library books!